Solar Manpower Solutions

For those eyeing the energy sector for jobs, solar energy companies could just be their next big destination. To fulfil targets of 20,000 MW of installed capacity under the National Solar Mission, the Indian solar energy industry will need an estimated 1 lakh people by 2022 across domains, profiles and levels. That as the sector invests nearly Rs 4,337 crore by the end of the mission period.

There has been huge increase in demand for skilled and trained manpower from these players. The profiles range from project head, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) head, project directors, GM operations/project, senior manager projects, manager projects, purchase manager, solar engineer, assistant technical manager, assistant procurement manager to manager purchase, manager operations.

Both sides of the solar business equipment manufacturing and power generation—need people to cash in on the growth in the solar industry. On the manufacturing side, it would be electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to design, civil, operations and maintenance engineers in power generation with experience in traditional power sector who are in high demand across levels

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